Over the past few years, there has been growing evidence of an organized effort to bring highly partisan agendas into our local elections, government, schools and community – with certain candidates and groups lacking transparency about their outside influences and associations. In response to this concerning trend, we are researching publicly available records and sharing the information we find so that voters throughout New Trier Township can make informed decisions about local issues and our local elections.


NT Local is a group of concerned New Trier Township voters examining candidates and groups seeking to influence public opinion on local issues to determine whether they are: (1) receiving funding from non-local sources such as national political action committees (PACs) or (2) injecting a politicized policy agenda into our non-partisan local government, schools and community.


We share information about candidates running for local non-partisan boards and local government, as well as groups seeking to influence public opinion on local issues, to protect our communities from highly politicized outside influence. Let's keep governance of local issues local.

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Dan O’Brien

Anne Stevens

Leslie Weyhrich

Wendi Williams

Carol Johnson

Judy Mandel

Lisa Keipert

Carolyn Holtermann

Betsy Harootyan

Jon Marshall

Liz Martin

Cindy Fey

Michael Rothstein

Andrea Pauls Backman

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Amanda Nugent

Laurie Goldstein

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Jill Deutsch

Holly Kawula

Tom Weyhrich

Mikalina Rabinsky

John Plante

Patrick Hanley

Bill Arnold

Cele Arnold

Colleen Collins Josellis

Donna McShea

Shelagh Donoghue

Kim Mulligan

Jan Churchwell

Christine Montaquila

Barbara Mahany

Jill DeHeeger

Monica Rodriguez

Oscar Alcantara

Candance Chow

Jennifer Lind

Jessica Franke

Ami Das

Beth Fulkerson

Tom Palmer

Jeffrey Danielsen

Susan Fisher

Cindy Levine

Lisa Kampwirth

Ellen McManus

Gail Eisenberg

Ed McManus

Cathleen Sheridan

Bruni Hirsch

Laurie Maalul

Sue Hertzberg

Carol Shukur

Art Gunther

Sarah Black

Robert Bobesink

Mary Watt

Christine Svoboda

Mimi Rodman

Iliana Mora

Pam Rezek

Marlene Brill

Barbara Kaufman

Katie Hauser

Rachel Gold

Peter Holtermann

Sarah Crewe

Katherine Byrnes

Arlene Boudart

Ann Roberts

Heather Hehman

Suzanne Day

Nathalie Strassheim

Meg McDonnell

Wendy Parris

Holly Gilson

Katie Arnold

Susan Gallagher

Julie Hanahan

Jeanne Bishop

Jenny Frentzel

Keren Green

Sherry Molitor

Michelle Lorge

John Flanagin

Seth Krantz

Rebecca Rose

Erin Arnold

Sabine Scholz

Lily Lyman

M.E. Girgenti

Meredith Wheeler

David Currie

Karen Parker

Laura Tanner

Carol Dawley

John Bowman

Payal Naik

John Bowman

Jackie Raimo

Madeleine Smith

Steve Sanders

Mia Sachs

Leigh Botica Dyer

Rachel Rescorl

Kristen Senior

Elizabeth Nicolai

Avik Das

Stacey Sherr Michelon

Hilary Ashlund

Michael Mazzier

Susan Balaban

Michael Wean

Traci Knudson

Rebecca Mach

Pam Walton

Jonathan Walton

Rebecca Quigley

Jacquelin Koch

Alice Schaff

Karen Reichert

Julia Paulk

Scott Myers

Rob Schelp

Marcia Adelman

Leslie Farmer

Julie Lipford

Claire Winnard

Ron Pomerantz

Andrea Smith

Melissa Cathcart

Saboora Alsikafi

Kenneth Behles

Sharman McGurn

Vineetha Reddy

Ange Oliver

Carolyn Sennett

Marie DeLean

Tara Funk

Bruce Kenamore

Suzanne LaBelle

Carol Ritchell

Stephanie Boles

Lucie Keating

Christine Huszagh

Araceli Song

Amy Boyer

Tanya Brown

Stephen Balsamo

Susan Balsamo

James Morris

Kathleen Long

Sandra Petroshius

Anita Cepuritis

Debbie Dresner

Shannon Hiltabrand

Ellen Mardock

Mimi Dray

Bruce Kenamore

Jennifer Swain

Vanessa Filley

Brooke Bechtold

Lee Bechtold

Sara Kurensky

Joseph Guarino

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